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Benefits of Prenatal Massage

  • Promotes proper postural maintenance to ease physical stress

  • Provides relief from musculoskeletal strain, aches and pains, muscle spasms and cramps

  • Increases circulation of the blood & lymph

  • Reduces edema and blood pressure by promoting better blood circulation.

  • Affords welcome release from chronic tension in the neck, shoulders, lower back, abdomen and thighs

  • Eases childbirth by preparing the muscles used in childbirth

  • Actively aids in reducing fluid retention, swelling in hands and feet, headaches and sinus problems as well as digestive irregularities.

  • Helps you to sleep better while reducing fatigue and discomfort caused by physical and emotional stresses. Energy levels and mental alertness increase.

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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage therapy adjusts and makes accommodations for your changing body. So that you are comfortable and your treatment is safe. 

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Prenatal Massage: What To Expect 

  • Modifications are made to ensure your treatment is safe for pregnancy. 

  • Positioning is different from a traditional massage, using additional pillows and side-lying to accommodate your changing body and ensure you're comfortable. 

  • Your massage therapist will discuss the nature of your massage treatment and ask for your consent

  • Your comfort is our #1 priority.
    Need to change positions? Just tell us! 


Benefits of Postnatal Massage

  • Aiding in the recovery process after delivery

  • Reducing pain and tension from feeding and holding your baby for what feels like endless hours on end

  • Reducing swelling

  • Giving you time out from your new role and responsibilities

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